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Since 2004, Armor Dynamics has developed advanced armor solutions for military, law enforcement and homeland security applications. Our diverse group of experts, who provide state of the industry material science advancements, team with our researchers and engineers to then formulate an approach to neutralize all aspects of the threat. Armor Dynamics Research, Development and Engineering team work to develop systems following three critical parameters: effectiveness, weight and cost.

At Armor Dynamics, we understand that the greatest threats simultaneously exist and evolve in the battle theater. With over a decade of research and development, both independently and in conjunction with our military, Armor Dynamics is able to provide innovative, evolving and adaptable solutions to meet today’s real-world threats.

Our world is rapidly changing, and those beyond the law enforcement and military community are seeking security/protection solutions. With information and technology evolving and proliferating at exponential rates, public and private sector citizens are being exposed to both the positive and the negative developments of this rapid growth. We understand the growing need for assurance in this changing world. It is our goal to utilize our expertise gained in military and law enforcement research and development to provide you with the most advanced lightweight ballistic solutions. At Armor Dynamics, we offer discreet, unyielding security for mind and body.

Law Enforcement
Armor Dynamics places a high priority on its law enforcement products. In the midst of nationwide budgetary constraints coupled with national law enforcement gunfire fatalities increasing 20% in 2010, Armor Dynamics dedicates a large portion of its product research and development to superior, lightweight and affordable solutions for our officers. As law enforcement agencies evolve to fight the war on crime and the war on terror, our systems evolve to meet every threat level. From vehicle armor to handheld protection, our goal is to put our highest levels of protection in the hands of those who protect us.

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