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Scenario Based Solutions

Alongside our efforts to push the boundaries of materials engineering, Armor Dynamics R&D has focused its efforts on scenario-based solutions to mitigate threats from bomb blasts and chemical attacks. These simple yet strategic combinations of technology, configuration and placement provide exponential levels of public protection in attack scenarios.


The SecureCanâ„¢ blast resistant trash receptacle from Armor Dynamics is a concealable protection system that can contain a potentially deadly blast in the public arena. In the event of an explosion, the SecureCanâ„¢ can suppress and contain blasts within a destruction radius of 100 yards. With a discreet appearance that allows for built-in advertising, the SecureCanâ„¢ is an unassuming protection system for high-volume public venues.

Unlike conventional steel or concrete that depends on its thickness to stop an explosion, Magmacoreâ„¢ technology uses a 3-D rigid matrix design for structural integrity in displacing energy. The SecureCan is designed specifically for blast suppression, trapping fragments and reducing overall heat and dust fallout.

Armor Dynamics’ innovative SecureCanâ„¢ provides four levels of blast mitigation:
• suppresses blast impact and protects those nearby by redirecting a blast upward
• traps fragments and lethal shrapnel with its proprietary blast-mitigating combination of materials
• reduces overall heat and shockwaves in the event of a blast
• confines toxic dust contamination, limiting a potentially deadly chemical attack

Bunker Blocks

Bunker Blocks are designed to offer protection against small arms fire and fragmentation from explosive devices. The Blocks are constructed of impact resistant plastic and interlock easily to form a protective wall. Inside each block is one or several plastic cores designed for displacing energy. The blocks use the Magmacore™ technology to provide soldiers in combat with barriers for increased survivability. The surfaces of the blocks are coated with Rhino™ polyurethane. These building blocks are durable, interlocking and easy to assemble. The Bunker Block’s lightweight design allows for rapid deployment.

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