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Magmacoreâ„¢ Advanced Reactive Systems for defeating IED threats

Armor Dynamics Magmacoreâ„¢ Reactive Armor is a completely new generation of energized armor systems capable of defeating highly lethal threats. Armor Dynamics is under contract with the Army (TARDEC) to refine Magmacoreâ„¢ Advanced Reactive Systems for use in Joint Light Tactical Vehicles; this program started on September 28, 2010. The result is a unique armor system that is extremely effective against the threats that cause most combat casualties sustained in Iraq and Afghanistan. Armor Dynamics energized system supplants conventional reactive armor.

Magmacoreâ„¢ Passive Armor

Armor Dynamics Magmacoreâ„¢ Passive Armor consists of ceramic cells arrayed in a patented matrix, held in place by a proprietary polyurethane material. Magmacoreâ„¢ Passive Armor is applicable to medium and heavy-weight vehicle armor, and can also be used in building hardening applications (Currently, the United States Corps of Engineers is using thermoset e-glass panels for temporary roads, building materials, bridge hardening and blast mitigation). It is especially effective against small arms and rifle fire, and can withstand multiple impacts from even high-powered rifles.

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