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Armor Dynamics Launches Law Enforcement Vehicle Armor

KINGSTON – Armor Dynamics today announced the launch of its law enforcement vehicle armor product line. Using its expertise in ballistic fibers and composite plastics, the company is perfectly suited to provide lightweight armor and high levels of protection.

“Our proprietary technology uses state-of-the-art composites to provide life-saving armor systems,” said CEO David Warren. “Our goal is to provide a cost-effective solution that can be tailored to any threat level.”

Armor Dynamics law enforcement vehicle armor offers National Institute of Justice protection at Level 3A, 3, and 3-plus.

  • Level 3A protection is adequate in urban or suburban areas where rifle protection is not required. This level of protection will defend against all handgun and shotgun rounds.
  • Level 3 is an advanced door panel system that can defeat rifle rounds.
  • Level 3-plus protection defends against similar threats as Level 3, but with the added ability to stop some armor piercing rounds and larger threats.

In addition to being a cost effective protection solution, Armor Dynamics systems are reusable, transferable to other vehicles, and can be easily installed by a department’s existing motor pool. The panels come with a five-year ballistic warranty, typically outlasting a patrol vehicles life cycle.

In October 2009, Armor Dynamics entered into a pilot program with the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office to provide level 3-plus protection to the agencies vehicles. Sullivan County Sheriff Michael Schiff decided to pursue the protection systems after a Sheriff’s Deputy was shot at with a high-powered rifle. The bullet went through the door of the Deputy’s patrol vehicle, shattering the seat on which he was sitting.

“We expect this pilot program to provide our deputies with the highest available ballistic protection,” Sheriff Schiff said. “Ensuring the safety of our deputy sheriffs is always a top priority.”

Formed in 2004 and located in Kingston, NY, Armor Dynamics specializes in ballistic fibers and composite plastic armor to provide protection systems for the military and law enforcement agencies. Armor Dynamics solutions are lighter, stronger, and less costly than competitive armor systems.

For more information, please visit www.ArmorDynamics.com, or call 845-306-2503.

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