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Armor Dynamics Aims to Provide Vehicle Armor for Kingston Police Department Fleet

Armor Dynamics Aims to Provide Vehicle Armor for Kingston Police Department Fleet

Kingston-based company teams with local businesses to provide state-of-the-art vehicle armor protection.

KINGSTON – Armor Dynamics is teaming up with the local business community in an effort to armor the Kingston Police Department fleet of 16 vehicles and protect the men and women who protect us each day.

The program, titled Project Armor: Kingston, has been endorsed by new Kingston Police Chief Egidio Tinti and incoming Mayor Shane Gallo, as well as the Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce.

“This is a great moment for Kingston,” said Armor Dynamics President Malachy Meechan. “With new leadership in both City Hall and the Police Department and urban renewal projects under way, the city and its businesses and citizens have a great opportunity here to galvanize and move forward.”

“We’re looking to our local business leaders now to lead this change.”

Armor Dynamics lightweight vehicle armor system provides ballistic door protection, while two Ballistic Sun Visors add front and side window protection.
All tax-deductible donations to Project Armor will be deposited with the Kingston Police Benevolent Association. Each donor to the program will receive a Project Armor storefront insignia and matching vehicle stickers to signify their support for and involvement in the program.

Additionally, for every nine vehicles armored with funds from the community, Armor Dynamics will provide vehicle armor for the tenth vehicle at no cost. Armor Dynamics will also incur all labor costs for vehicle installation.

“The solution that we are providing through Project Armor is the product of a unique approach to ballistic protection,” said Armor Dynamics President Malachy Meechan. “We are utilizing our knowledge and experience in military research and development and combining state of the art materials with proprietary geometries. The result is an extremely lightweight and affordable system that will stop and capture the caliber of threats commonly found in an urban environment.”

With a tough economic climate showing no signs of abatement, and rising crime rates, Armor Dynamics and the Kingston PBA will seek the help of local and national businesses and private donors. The cost-effective solution used will allow the company to armor the entire fleet for a little over $35,000.
About Armor Dynamics, Inc.

Armor Dynamics designs and develops innovative armor products that are lighter, stronger and less expensive than competitive armor systems. Armor Dynamics armor systems provide superior levels of protection by using proprietary technologies, advanced composite and custom-configured ceramic materials. Our advanced armor systems can be easily modified to meet evolving threats and can be adapted to specific combat and threat conditions in the field.

With a focus and expertise in manufacturing techniques and processes, coupled with innovative applications, Armor Dynamics produces high-function, high-quality armor systems. By utilizing its proprietary innovations and its long-standing relationships, Armor Dynamics is able to produce its systems at a significantly higher volume and a lower cost to consumers.

Armor Dynamics was founded by individuals with security, engineering, manufacturing and military backgrounds. This combined experience and knowledge has been critical in developing new and innovative products for the military, law enforcement and homeland security forces.

Contact: Robert M. Miraldi

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