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Safety & Security Laminate for Glass

Safety & Security Laminate for Glass

Armor Dynamics is pleased to introduce Safety and Security Laminate for Glass, a product from ACE, that protects the most vulnerable part of any building.

This micro-thin transparent film revolutionizes regular glass windows into barriers that can resist the force of small firearms, bombs, projectiles and extreme weather. Security laminates are cost-effective and easily retrofitted to glass installations, providing ideal window safety for schools, hospitals, banks, or any other institution. Once applied to the glass, a bonding process occurs, leaving the glass fortified with a substantially higher break strength.

For additional information, including a product sheet, video demonstration, and purchasing details, please click here.

Armor Dynamics, founded in 2004, is located in Kingston, NY. The company’s core technology centers around seven years of research and development in ballistic solutions, primarily for military use. For more information on this and our other Civilian products, please visit us at armordynamics.com.

Maritime Publication gCaptain Features Armor Dynamics Ballistic Inserts

Maritime Publication gCaptain Features Armor Dynamics Ballistic Inserts

Armor Dynamics Ballistic Inserts were recently featured in the online maritime publication gCaptain, which receives over 500,000 visitors per month.

Author and Editor-in-Chief John Konrad said, “Weighing in at just under one pound, the Armor Dynamics Ballistic Clipboard is a lightweight, concealable armor panel that slides into a clipboard and is capable of stopping hand and shotgun shots for a fraction of the price of full body armor (one model sells for just $69).”

7 Cool Tools To Defend Yourself From At-Sea Attacks

For additional information on this product, click here.

Kingston Times: Armor Dynamics offers KPD ballistic panels for its vehicles

Police protection
Armor Dynamics offers KPD ballistic panels for its vehicles
by Jesse J. Smith

A local defense contractor it teaming up with the Kingston Police Department and the local business community to provide cops with potentially lifesaving equipment. Armor Dynamics, which has a research and manufacturing facility at the Kingston Business Park, has announced the launch of “Project Armor: Kingston.” The plan calls for soliciting donations from the community to outfit KPD patrol vehicles with lightweight bullet-resistant door panels and window visors.

The proposal, which has the backing of Police Chief Egidio Tinti and Mayor-elect Shane Gallo, aims to outfit 16 police vehicles with the ballistic panels at a cost of about $1,600 per vehicle. For every nine cars outfitted with the armor kits, the company will donate one. The money will be raised privately. Armor Dynamics spokesman Robert Miraldi said that the company had approached local financial institutions to solicit matching donations to speed up the fundraising process. Miradi said the company hit on the idea of a private fundraising campaign after it exhausted grant opportunities to carry out small pilot projects with other police departments around the state.

“If the Kingston business community can support this, it’s a win-win for the community,” said Miraldi.

Armor Dynamics, which expanded their operation in Kingston a few years ago with federal money secured by U.S. Rep. Maurice Hinchey, produces lightweight ballistic panels using a proprietary formula. Company officials tout the material’s lightweight and moldable properties which allow it to be fitted over or around any object. Tinti said he was initially skeptical about the bullet-stopping power of the tin sheets of plastic armor… until he saw a demonstration.

“The guy handed me a panel that looked like clipboard material and I told him ‘I don’t believe you,’” recalls Tinti. “Then he put it in a vise and shot it. Nothing, (the bullet) just bounced off.”
Tinti said while he could not recall an instance of a KPD car being shot, the door and window panels could make all the difference during a felony traffic stop or other high-risk situation. Tinti added the armored cars would also provide protection in instances where officers were transporting prisoners or witnesses.

During officer survival training, cops are taught to use open doors as cover. The problem, Tinti and Miraldi said, is that vehicle doors, while better than nothing, won’t do much to stop a bullet.
“We don’t like to hear about officers taking cover behind the doors,” said Miraldi. “Because they offer very little protection. In fact I’d say no protection.”

Project Armor on the Radio

Check out Armor Dynamics President Malachy Meechan discussing Project Armor on “Spotlight on the Ulster Regional Chamber of Commerce.” Thanks to the Ulster Chamber and President Ward Todd for the opportunity to discuss this important, community-based program.

Spotlight on Project Armor

Mid Hudson News: KPD Vehicles to be Armored

From Mid-Hudson News
KINGSTON – Kingston Police vehicles will be armored as added protection for officers. The $35,000 price tag for Armor Dynamics of Kingston to install the lightweight vehicle armor in the 16 police cars will be raised through the community.

Project Armor: Kingston is added insurance for the men and women in blue, said Police Chief Egidio Tinti, who notes that there have been no instances of people firing on city police vehicles.

“The fact remains that we can be targeted,” Tinti said. “We represent the enforcement end of the community and people that don’t want us around can use force against us, and although that hasn’t happened to us as an agency, that has happened around communities in this country.”

Click here to read the full story

Body Armor Update 2011: Ballistic Sun Visor Makes the Cut

Body Armor Update 2011: Ballistic Sun Visor Makes the Cut

Police and Security News released its 2011 Body Armor Update, and Armor Dynamics Ballistic Sun Visor made the list of innovative products:

“New from Armor Dynamics is the Ballistic Sun Visor, an NIJ level IIIA visor which, when deployed as a full set, protects both windshield and side windows in standard police vehicles without compromising occupants’ visibility. The lightweight Ballistic Visor attaches to existing sun visors and can be transferred to different vehicles, when necessary, or even used as a hand shield.

Made with both soft and rigid composite ballistic material, the Ballistic Visor weighs only 1.8 pounds. It can defeat .44 Magnum SJHP 240-gr. Rounds shot from 16 feet at 1430 fps, along with .357 SIG FMJ FN 125-gr. Rounds shot from the same range at 1470 fps.”

ADI to Attend Atlantic City Police Security Expo

ADI to Attend Atlantic City Police Security Expo

Armor Dynamics will be displaying its innovative law enforcement armor products at next week’s Police Security Expo in Atlantic City, NJ. This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Police Security Expo, one of the nation’s largest and most well-attended security trade shows.

Taking place Tuesday, June 21 and Wednesday, June 22 at the Atlantic City Convention Center, the expo features armor products designed for law enforcement, security, government, safety, first-responder, and homeland security professionals.

Armor Dynamics will be displaying its law enforcement armor—including vehicle, body, and concealable armor systems— to the over 7,000 industry professionals expected to attend.

Product Review: Armor Dynamics Bulletproof Mouse Pad

Product Review: Armor Dynamics Bulletproof Mouse Pad

Todd Johnson, a sales representative and materials expert for one of the nation’s leading composite distributors, has taken notice of Armor Dynamics Bulletproof Mouse Pad.

In a product review for About.com, a product-placement website that reaches 40 million viewers monthly, Johnson said the Bulletproof Mouse Pad provides “a way to be prepared if an [office shooting] were to occur”

Check out the review here.

Johnson, who previously spent 6 years as the Business Development Manager for Ebert Composites Corporation, currently works for Composites One, North America’s largest distributor of composite materials.

State Senator William Larkin Visits Armor Dynamics Headquarters

State Senator William Larkin Visits Armor Dynamics Headquarters

KINGSTON – State Senator William Larkin visited Armor Dynamics headquarters on Jan. 13. to tour the facility he helped create. Larkin was instrumental in helping Armor Dynamics secure its corporate headquarters in Kingston in 2007 and has been a supporter of the company since its inception.

Senator Larkin (R-C, Cornwall-on-Hudson) toured the facility and witnessed a demonstration of Armor Dynamics law enforcement armor product line.

House OKs $1.6M for Armor Dynamics

WASHINGTON — The 2010 Defense Appropriation Bill approved by the House this week includes $1.6 million for Kingston-based Armor Dynamics, according to U.S. Rep. Maurice Hinchey.

Hinchey, D-Hurley, said the money will help the start-up company bring to market its bomb-resistant armor system, which is intended to protect U.S. troops from such deadly munitions as roadside bombs, and create or save jobs at Armor’s manufacturing site.

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