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Coupling our vast knowledge of existing materials with our ability to develop new materials, Armor Dynamics is driving the cutting edge of ballistic and blast protection. Providing stronger and lighter solutions to evolving threats by combining innovation with advanced materials and unique configurations, we produce the strongest and lightest solutions to any and every threat conceivable. Among the fruits of these efforts are Armor Dynamics Magmacoreâ„¢ and T-Coreâ„¢ Armor Systems. Armor Dynamics is currently involved in a research project in collaboration with the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. This partnership began in 2008 to further develop and refine its Magmacoreâ„¢ Passive Armor systems.


The conventional approach to ceramic armor is flat tile geometry. This method has been proven effective throughout years of research and development, and advancements in ceramic materials have incrementally improved the performance of ceramic tile armor. The approach at Armor Dynamics is to implement these advanced materials into unique configurations in order to reduce real density while maximizing energy absorption and multi-hit capability. Materials incorporated into our systems range from ceramics like aluminum oxide and silicon carbide, to metal-matrix composites, to fiber composites like ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene. We are constantly evaluating new materials, and developing alternatives, for implementation into our systems.

Employing the strongest and lightest composites available in unique configurations, Armor Dynamics is bringing cutting edge ballistic solutions to the Military, Law Enforcement Agencies, and the public. We not only implement existing composite technology into new products, but are also engaged in the development of new processing techniques. Composite processing technology is a well-developed science. Armor Dynamics is in the business of expanding this science in order to produce more cost effective solutions with enhanced properties using environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing techniques.
Magmacoreâ„¢ Passive Armor

Armor Dynamics Magmacoreâ„¢ Passive Armor consists of ceramic cells arrayed in a patented matrix, held in place by a proprietary polyurethane material. Magmacoreâ„¢ technology exploits unique geometries and configurations of ceramic and fiber composites to enhance the amount of work the armor system performs on the projectile. Magmacoreâ„¢ Passive Armor is applicable to medium and heavy-weight vehicle armor, and can also be used in building hardening applications. It is especially effective against small arms and rifle fire, and can withstand multiple impacts from even high-powered rifles.
Magmacoreâ„¢ Advanced Reactive Systems for defeating IED threats

Armor Dynamics Magmacoreâ„¢ Reactive Armor is a completely new generation of energized armor systems capable of defeating highly lethal threats. Armor Dynamics is under contract with the Army (TARDEC) to refine Magmacoreâ„¢ Advanced Reactive Systems for use in Joint Light Tactical Vehicles; this program started on September 28, 2010. The result is a unique armor system that is extremely effective against the threats that cause most combat casualties sustained in Iraq and Afghanistan. Armor Dynamics energized system supplants conventional reactive armor.

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