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Research & Development Team

David Warren, CEO/Chairman
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Mr. Warren has a background in mechanical engineering and acted as a project manager for Chandler Security Systems for five years before establishing Armor Dynamics. He previously owned a research and development company that created products for the gaming industry. Mr. Warren is a former U.S. Marine with an extensive background in advanced materials and armor development. Mr. Warren has made several trips to Iraq since 2004 working on up-armoring projects in an effort to better protect troops. These trips have allowed Mr. Warren to keep apprised of the real-world threats soldiers and security personnel face today.
Dr. Ernest W. Bloore, Vice President of Program Management, Armor Dynamics
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As a U.S. Army civilian at Army Ballistic Research Laboratory and Aberdeen Proving Ground (1971-1978), Dr. Bloore was a specialist in the development of tungsten and uranium alloy processing for anti-armor applications.  He was responsible for material development, processing and specifications of the first US Army 105 mm antitank developed-uranium penetrator.  Dr. Bloore was then Chief, Metallic Materials Branch, US Army Armaments Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC), Picatinny Arsenal, NJ (1978-1988) and was responsible for all efforts in the fields of physical metallurgy, alloy development, fracture mechanics, failure analysis, corrosion, metallographic analysis and mechanical testing.  He also directed the ARDEC efforts of MM&T and PEP programs towards the development and fielding of the first US Army application of depleted uranium armor, Abrams Heavy Armor, on the M1A1 tank. In 1992 he first demonstrated the feasibility of nucleating and growing a refractory ceramic phase into a refractory alloy to increase the armor protection capability of the alloy. He has continued working with several companies and DOD offices to further develop the technology and to provide advanced armor concepts. Dr. Bloore holds a B.S. in Chemistry from Johns Hopkins University, and a Ph.D. in Physical Metallurgy from the University of Utah.
Dr. Sheldon Cytron, Materials Engineer
Dr. Sheldon Cytron is a former Senior Staff Material Scientist/Metallurgist at Picatinny Arsenal, where he instituted congressional initiatives in micro-laminate ceramic composites for armor and single crystal tungsten for armaments. Dr. Cytron studied the following: plasma/microwave processing of ceramic eutectics for armor; 60Nitonal armor for ballistic protection and IED/Blast defeat; explored ceramic eutectics for armor; and shaped charge defeat by lightweight armor. Dr. Cytron previously worked as a staff metallurgist at Franford Arsenal; and as a project engineer for Philco-Ford Corp.

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